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out to marco rubio and john mccain and lindsey graham, who aren't backing down, and free advice to the republican party. the republican party lost the hispanic vote huge time, and if there isn't some effort to reach out for a lot of the people who live in this country, you can kiss off any chance, bill, for any foreseeable future. >> yeah, bill. let me just say, on bill's defense, he's actually pro immigration reform. >> i'm more skeptical of it now than i was six or seven months ago, and again for this reason, with all due respect. let's have serious public policy arguments about this. let's talk about how this man, reported by the fbi in 2011, went to russia for six months, came back in the country with a russian or kyrgyz passport. let's have border security first. >> the bill is based on border security. >> and would it help with this problem? >> we should ask these questions. we should maybe have more detailed questions asked for people who come from certain countries, yes. >> we agree on that. >> thank you, panel. see you next week. make sure to follow us on twitter @foxne
's senator lindsey graham on camera. the so-called gang of 8 senators unveiled the plan yesterday. it includes 13-year path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. critics say it amounts to amnesty for people who came to this country illegally. >>> police and child welfare advocates say a little notice change to a california law makes it harder to track possible child abusers. california has a database that includes the names of suspected abusers. it's used to flag people when they apply to work with kids or take on foster children. starting in 2011, only state welfare agencies can add names to the database. in the past police have also been able to submit names. officers say that creates a gap in information, especially if a suspect moves often. >>> san fransisco city attorneys are investigating a nevada mental hospital accused of dumping discharged patients in the city. sacramento bee reports that the psychiatric hospital has bussed more than 1500 mentally ill patients out of nevada over the past five years. 500 of them were given one-way tickets to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2